The Last Word: Cheers To Lasting Relationships!

By Brian E. Griffin

It’s summer on the Cape. That means warm weather, lots of tourists, beach time if you can get there, and hopefully some relaxation with those you care about.

For me that sometimes also means a toast and one of my favorites goes like this: To tall ships and small ships, and ships off at sea – but the best ships are relationships, so here’s to you and me.

OK, a little corny, I know. However, I like it because it captures the importance of relationships. So, where am I going with this?

Many of you reading this may have already met me in person; however I don’t like to call myself just a banker, because I’m not. Instead, what I strive to be is a trusted advisor. At Rockland Trust, we support clients and help grow their businesses so that our community can do what it’s always done best – take care of each other. In fact, we’ve been serving the communities in Southeastern Massachusetts since 1907 and we’re the largest (currently $7.8B) independent commercial bank headquartered in the state. This means we have more than 1,000 employees from Boston to Providence and from the Cape to the Islands that are ready to help you – every day.

We believe our success is driven by building one quality relationship at a time and helping that client thrive, so they as well as our communities can prosper as a result.

An example is Catania Hospitality Group. Bill Catania had a vision and expanded his business to now include the only indoor/outdoor waterpark on Cape Cod. It’s one of the hottest spots for families in both summer and winter months, and drives hundreds of visitors into our seasonal market at a time that is typically quiet.

In addition, Convention Data Services is now building brand-new headquarters in Bourne. It was important for CDS to remain on Cape, where their employees live and the company has become part of the community.

This also means their corporate culture remains intact, promotes a greater connection to the area, and fosters growth in the local economy.

When you concentrate on the relationships, you begin to notice it’s the little things that truly matter. I’ve had the opportunity to serve the Cape Cod and Islands market for over 21 years and the last 14 have been with Rockland Trust. I can honestly say that what’s made these past 14 years so different is the bank’s motto, “Where Each Relationship Matters.”

Having spent my entire childhood and most of my professional life serving Cape Cod, I have found that it truly is the relationships with local businesses, local people, and local volunteers that drives and continually improves our community.

So as we watch our summer season start to fade, our tourism slow down and our streets becoming our own again, when you’re looking for a partner to help you build, expand, or just listen, I hope you look for one that’s in it for the long haul. Because when it comes to your success, a good business is built on good relationships.


Brian E. Griffin is SVP regional manager, commercial banking for Rockland Trust Company.