Toobox: Get Financially Fit In 2022

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Every January, many of us jot down things we hope to accomplish in the New Year. How many of those resolutions center around money?

On my recent podcast, “Financially Fit in 2021,” Shannon McLay, founder and CEO of the Financial Gym, explained how maintaining your financial health is similar to maintaining your physical health. Here are three tips on how to get started.

  • Anyone Can Get Financially Healthy

Even if there are financial skeletons in the closet, anyone can get their finances in order. What financial health looks like for you will depend a lot on your unique circumstances. For some, financial health might look like rethinking spending habits or improving a credit score. For others, it could be planning how to enjoy retirement. 

  • You’re Creating More Anxiety By Not Dealing With Your Finances

Due to a variety of reasons, talking about money is a real stressor for many people. But not dealing with your finances head on can create more stress and anxiety. You are not alone — reach out to a financial expert for advice about your goals and how you can reach them. 

  • Take An Inventory to See Your Big Financial Picture

Measuring progress toward your goals will be tricky if you don’t have an idea of where you start out! Take stock of what your financial health looks like to understand what you are dealing with. This can help you pinpoint the biggest financial frustrations in your life, and then you can work toward solving them.

Listen to the full interview with Shannon on the “No Shame in This Money Game” podcast.

Julie Beckham is a financial education officer at Rockland Trust. In addition to her podcast, available at, she is the creator of Ms. Money & the Coins® Financial Education.