Tour Cape Cod Homes Using Green Technologies On Oct. 1

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If you have been wondering whether it is time to finally install solar or a heat pump or many other energy saving technologies but you have some questions, the American Solar Energy Socity’s National Solar Home Tour is a great opportunity to hear from people who live with these green systems.

Self-Reliance is coordinating the Cape Cod element of the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Home Tour on Saturday, Oct. 1, to raise awareness around ways we can transition our homes off fossil fuels.

Homes will be open between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to showcase technologies that reduce fossil fuel consumption, improve occupant health and comfort, reduce climate warming gases and save money.

The Solar/Green Home tour highlight homes that have one or more of the following technologies:

● Solar hot water

● PV

● Geothermal

● Heat pump water heaters

● Air to air or air to water heat pumps for space heating

● Electric vehicles

● Super insulated homes

● Net zero homes

● Examples of home-scale food production

● Composting

● Denitrifying wastewater systems or composting toilets

For more information on ways to decarbonize or to learn which homes are part of the tour, contact Self-Reliance at 508-563-6633 or via email at

To find homes listed on the ASES website, visit here.