Two Boston-area agencies join forces to offer a suite of product launch solutions

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Two marketing agencies, with deep roots in the outdoor, tech and food industry, are merging to offer expertise in launching and relaunching brands.
After a decade of running successful independent agencies Elevator Group and True North Brand Group, co-founders Mark Richardson and Mark Tedeschi have joined forces to create Elevator North, a full-service communications firm that introduces – and re-introduces – brands and product lines to busy, active, tech-savvy consumers.
“Our differentiation is our experience successfully launching and relaunching brands of all sizes,” said Tedeschi, co-founder of Elevator North.
The two Marks have assembled a team of experts from strategic planning, public relations, social media, creative services and marketing technology.
“After realizing two heads are much better than one, I am joining colleague Mark Tedeschi in a new venture called Elevator North,” said Richardson, co-founder of Elevator North. “Mark and I share long track records in outdoor products, footwear, apparel, food and technology. Our styles and approach are the same, but our skills sets are very different and complementary. Mark Tedeschi will continue his focus on brand strategy, media relations and public relations. I will manage planning and creative services and we will combine our efforts on social media and content creation.”
The two agencies bring cumulative experience that includes work with a wide range of brands including the likes of Mike & Ike, Nintendo, Völkl Skis, LYCOS, Dunkin Donuts, Fresh City, OOFOS, Muck Boots, XtraTuff, Sony, Samsung, ToughTested, Tubbs Snowshoes, Cauldryn and Dalbello ski boots to name just a few.
Elevator North will operate out of a waterfront office in Hingham, Ma., offering a suite of services that includes creative, social media strategy and execution, events brand awareness, trade show management, public relations and measurement.
“This merger allows us to help new brands and their products rise above the noise and get traction for long term success. It also gives us greater control over the entire creative, marketing and branding process as we can now build a marketing platform in house from the ground up,” said Tedeschi.
About Elevator North
Elevator Group and True North Brand Group have joined to become Elevator North. The new combined agency has deep experience in launching new brands in the outdoor footwear, apparel and equipment; consumer technology and food categories. Operating from Hingham Shipyard, Elevator North offers brand strategy, public relations, creative services, social media and campaign measurement, powered by strategic partner Measured Marketing Lab. Agency Founders Mark Richardson and Mark Tedeschi bring their combined experience in corporate marketing, agency leadership and publishing to a variety of clients from start-ups to the Fortune 500. To learn more please visit

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