U.S. Sen. Edward Markey meets with 30 “emerging leaders” during special luncheon hosted by South Shore Chamber of Commerce

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ROCKLAND, RANDOLPH, MA, ISSUED JULY 31, 2019…More than 30 future leaders had the opportunity to meet and listen to U.S. Senator Edward Markey speak during a recent first-of-a-kind luncheon at Lombardo’s in Randolph, hosted by the South Shore Chamber of Commerce.
The special Future Leaders Luncheon, where attending Chambers members were encouraged to bring a relative age 13-21, drew a large audience, interested in hearing Senator Markey address a variety of issues.
The “emerging leaders” also had the occasion to take a group photo with the senator, who is highly recognized as a consumer champion and national leader on energy, environmental protection and telecommunications policy.
“We were pleased to be joined by more than 30 area interns and emerging leaders at this special lunch with Senator Markey,” said Peter Forman, President and CEO of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, noting that the senator “is always encouraged by young leaders taking an interest in public events.”
Jim Dunphy, Chairman of the Chamber’s Board of Directors presented Sen. Markey with a land grant document, circa 1825, signed by John Quincy Adams; the gift from the South Shore Chamber was in appreciation of the Senator’s deep commitment to the South Shore region.
“Senator Markey is a real history buff,” said Forman. “His desk on the Senate Floor was used by John Quincy Adams when he was in the Senate, so we were pleased to present the senator with a document personally signed by Adams as president.”
 About the South Shore Chamber of Commerce
 The South Shore Chamber of Commerce has long been recognized throughout the state as one of the most active and forceful advocates for the business community and numbers among the larger Chambers of Commerce nationally. The South Shore Chamber is a not-for-profit association of businesses in the communities south of Boston. It is committed to helping its members grow their businesses and to improve the business climate in the region. Members range in size from major international corporations headquartered on the South Shore to small local firms and sole proprietorships. For additional information on the Chamber, please visit www.southshorechamber.org or call 781-421-3900.

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