Uniframe Systems Forges Partnership With Home Depot, Menards

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Avon-based Uniframe Systems (https://uniframesystems.com), a company that designs and manufactures fully adjustable, 18-gauge, galvanized steel modular outdoor kitchen units, has reached an agreement to market its products through Home Depot and Menards.

The partnership means that affordable luxury outdoor kitchen and grilling units will be available to all consumers at a fraction of the cost compared to customized outdoor kitchen options currently dominating the marketplace. 

Cambridge 1“These modules take the concept of outdoor grilling to an entirely new level,” says Eric Arcacha, whose brand advisory firm Chart+Foster Co. partnered with Uniframe Systems.  “As people have stayed closer to home over this last year, the idea of an outdoor luxury kitchen complete with grilling capacity, bar and refrigerator has really caught the attention of consumers.  Uniframe Systems offers a durable, commercial-grade quality product, unlike anything on the market today.”

Uniframe Systems has designed, engineered, and tested its modular system, allowing builders and DIYers alike to create a fully-adjustable commercial grade outdoor kitchen frame that fits any outdoor appliance.

“Think of it as the Erector Set of outdoor kitchens,” says company co-owner Sal Bova. “This system offers infinite customizability options and cuts down on sometimes prohibitive costs of creating an outdoor kitchen.”

The units are packaged and shipped in flat boxes to the customer’s home and can be assembled in a couple of hours or less.

Uniframe Systems kits also include fully adjustable modules for outdoor refrigerators, corner units and framing options for Big Green Egg or Kamado Grill owners.     

Everything at Uniframe Systems, from materials to fabrication, is based in the U.S. Uniframe Systems Kits are named after Massachusetts towns: The Avon, The Cambridge, The Brookline, The Bridgewater, The Lexington and The Mashpee.