WE CAN, Amplify POC Announce Partnership To Empower Women

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WE CAN and Amplify People of Color (POC) on Cape Cod have formed a partnership to increase opportunities for economic stability for women of color living and working on Cape Cod.

The collaboration has received $40,000 in grant funding from The Women & Girls Fund of The Cape Cod Foundation and the Cape & Islands United Way. The awarded grant funds will be shared equally between the two organizations.

WE CAN’s mission is to empower and support women to build pathways to stability and self-sufficiency. This includes legal, employment and financial empowerment through one-to-one coaching and group workshops and mentoring and personal development programs that address the barriers women face when in transition.

Amplify POC’s mission is to eliminate the racial wealth gap (disparity in assets across race and ethnicity) by removing barriers created by systemic racism and promoting racial equity by providing accessible resources and education that enhance visibility and increase sustainable ownership opportunities for communities of color.

“Our missions meet in the work of empowering and strengthening economic possibilities for women in our community.” said Lisa Guyon, WE CAN’s Executive Director.  “Whether women are making a change in their career or personal circumstances or looking to start their own business, the coordination of services will improve access to support and guidance for women of color.”

The collaboration activities will include outreach to women who may be unaware of resources available to them, co-developed workshops, and volunteer engagement.

“We look forward to this equitable offer of collaboration that can serve as a model for partnerships in the community,” said Tara Vargas Wallace, Executive Director and Founder of Amplify POC.  “We are excited about what this means for the future of inclusion.”

Funding from the Cape’s local philanthropic community will support key activities. The Women and Girls Fund of The Cape Cod Foundation awarded a $20,000 grant to the project. The Fund was established in 2022 to strengthen the lives of all women and girls in our region.

“Our goal is to provide grants and resources that redress the systemic inequities that oppress women and girls and limit their opportunities,” said Foundation President and CEO Kristin O’Malley. “This collaboration between WE CAN and Amplify POC embodies this mission and will have a significant impact throughout the community. We are honored to support their great work.”

The Cape & Islands United Way recently announced a $20,000 grant to support the collaboration through its Women United philanthropic giving initiative.

“Providing economic possibilities for women, their families, and our community is at the heart of the mission of the Cape and Islands United Way,” said Mark Skala, President and CEO. “This is about breaking down the walls that exist for women, in particular women of color, and providing equal access to opportunity. We are united in purpose on this with Amplify Cape Cod and WE CAN.”

 For more information about WE CAN, visit www.wecancenter.org, and for Amplify POC, visit www.amplifypoccapecod.com.