Wellfleet OysterFest: The Shuck Goes On Oct. 17

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One of autumn’s most popular events, the Wellfleet OysterFest, has been reinvented in 2020 as a virtual celebration to mark the event’s 20th anniversary.
Organized by local non-profit, Wellfleet Shellfish Promotion and Tasting (S.P.A.T.), this milestone edition of ‘Fest will feature celebrity chefs and top-notch music talent in a one-of-a-kind virtual jubilee, while holding on to the same community spirit that makes the ‘Fest so special, organizers say.
The party will culminate with the 20th annual Wellfleet OysterFest All Star Shuck Off, a reimagining of the event’s famous oyster shucking contest, showcasing ten legendary shuckers from the past 19 years who will go head to head for the ultimate crown. This year’s mantra: “The Shuck Must Go On!”
The event will be streamed on the internet at 5 p.m. Saturday Oct. 17, the traditional weekend for the Wellfleet OysterFest,  from  Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (W.H.A.T.)
The 2020 Wellfleet OysterFest will feature virtual hosts, including award-winning chef and author Ming Tsai, host of Emmy-nominated cooking show “Simply Ming” and founder of acclaimed Boston restaurants Blue Dragon and Blue Ginger; rising culinary star Elle Simone Scott, test chef and food stylist on America’s Test Kitchen and the founder of SheChef, a mentoring organization for women of color in the culinary field; and James Beard Award-winning chef and international restauranteur Jamie Bissonette, partner of Boston favorites Toro, Coppa and Little Donkey and 2016 Massachusetts Executive Chef of the Year. The chefs will share their favorite recipes for Wellfleet oysters and cooking tips throughout the event. Cape Cod’s own G. Love will headline as the event’s musical guest, with exclusive music videos filmed in famous Wellfleet locations.
The gala event will culminate by crowning the all-time greatest, best of the best, all star oyster shucker; the top shuckers will be joined on stage by S.P.A.T. Board Member and entertainer, Jodi Birchall.
Two short films about Wellfleet’s deep history as the heart of American oyster growing and the community’s bonds with its shellfish farmers and wild harvesters will also premiere at the event.
In addition to the event’s virtual entertainment, the 2020 Wellfleet OysterFest will include a series of online “Learn to Shuck” workshops and an online auction, with proceeds going toward SPAT’s mission and support of the local shellfishing industry and community.
SPAT. is planning an extensive paid social media marketing campaign to encourage national viewership of the event and to promote the sale and consumption of world-famous Wellfleet Oysters.