WH Cornerstone Investments Financial Advisor Pens Book On Navigating Widowhood

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WH Cornerstone Investments financial advisor and co-founder Paula Harris has published “Rise Up: A Widow’s Journal,” a guide to navigating widowhood.

More than 11 million widowed women and just over 3 million widowed men were recorded in the U.S. in 2020. A disproportionate number of women survive their partners with their average age only 59 years old.

WHC PR Rise Up Journal photoLearning to process grief and loss through journaling is often a recommended stage in the journey of widowhood. Harris drew on her experience working with mid-life widowed women. Harris describes herself as part financial advisor and part dream architect as she helps guide her clients to rise up and navigate their life forward through obtaining financial security. Harris views the importance of life planning alongside financial planning and is a Return on Life AdvisorTM and Certified Jack Canfield Methodology Trainer.

“When a curve ball hits, such as widowhood, especially in the case of sudden death, a woman is overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be dealt with. She often tries to hide or ignore her own feelings and emotions,” explains Harris. “The loneliness of the widowhood journey can be isolating and challenging. By journaling, she can learn to capture and process her feelings as they arise, especially in the first two years.”

WH Cornerstone Investments is a wealth management firm based in Duxbury.