HR@Work Launches HR Portal Subscription Service

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Pamela Sande, founder and CEO of HR@Work in Hyannis, has announced the launch of a unique, subscription-based portal designed to provide comprehensive resources for companies, encompassing all aspects of human resources.

“Small businesses have a number of ongoing human resources needs, and many lack the resources they need to manage their HR,” said Sande. “This portal provides the resources and support they need, and all in one place.”

After a career in corporate America, Sande started Pamela Sande & Associates, in 2016. In May 2020 she rebranded the company and launched HR@Work to provide this unique subscription service at an affordable price for both for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

There are two plans offered. The “Basics” plan offers access to a resource library, including “how to” guides, quick reference tools, sample forms and checklists, interview questions, sample job descriptions, sample company policies, regulatory and government materials, workplace notices to employees, and workplace posters.

An enhanced program, “The Basics + Ask an HR Expert” includes two hours per month of phone consultation with an HR expert for the more complicated issues that arise.

In addition to the subscription service, a business can purchase DIY resources that include on-demand webinars, comprehensive toolkits, and Excel templates for managing HR data. All subscribers and clients automatically receive compliance alerts and newsletters on new legislation and HR best practices.

Interested parties may call Pamela Sande to learn more at 774-413-5774 or email Or check them out on Google or Facebook!

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