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What Makes A Great Place To Work?

Over the next several pages, you will find 41 companies nominated by employees of these stellar businesses themselves as Best Places to Work in the Cape Cod and Plymouth/South Shore regions.

From banking to landscaping to restaurants to nonprofits and green energy, among just a few categories, what these winners all share is a vibrant workplace culture that values its employees’ contributions and personal issues. Best Places to Work employees feel invested in the companies they work for as well and leadership have systems in place to reward their hard-working efforts.

It was incredibly difficult to choose the finalists for our inaugural award, as there were so many great businesses in our region nominated and a lot of thought and effort went into submitting your nominees.

We asked several key questions to narrow down the winners: define the workplace culture; what are the training and growth opportunities offered; are there rewards for employees; how do you rate the communication within the organization; note ways the business gives back to the communities; and give an example of how the business/organization has gone “above and beyond.”

Best Places to Work have communication down to a science, including innovative ways to keep staff informed, such as some CEOs’ informal, weekly video chats. Keeping in touch was key, either in person, via Zoom and email, as well as through company intranet and internal newsletters.

And, while a good salary, workplace culture and benefits are key to a great place to work, let’s not forget that leadership has not forgotten that having fun is also a key component to an employee’s job satisfaction. Our Best Places to Work empower their employees in many ways, from simple “thank you” lunches and gift cards to being invited to give feedback and even shape policy.

We were also impressed with the number of businesses that stepped up during the pandemic in a number of ways, with bonuses, helping with childcare expenses when childcare facilities were closed and retaining employees during these difficult times, even paying them when offices were closed. One company’s physicians gave up their pay so that other employees could continue to be paid when the office was closed. The community banks of Cape Cod stand out for taking care of their teams not only financially but in addressing the toll the pandemic took on their mental health by enhancing wellness programs.

We encourage our readers to find out more about our 2022 Best Places to Work by visiting the website. Ninety-nine percent of the winners are hiring, too!

Keep up the good work!

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