2021 – 40 Under 40 Profiles

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Katy Acheson

James Andreotti Jr.

Brenna Attanasio

Angela Baron

Michelle L. Badger

Courtney Butler

Kevin Byrne

Elvira Caldeira

Robert Carey

Sean Cody

Amanda Constant

Sarah Endres

Ben Erhard

Franchesca Marie Ferguson

Daniel R. Gorczyca

Brian Greer

Steven W. Heslinga

Christine Hochkeppel

Our latest edition!!!

Karryn Lewis

Manx Taiki Magyar

Krista Manna

Zachary McCaul

Paul McCormick

Meaghan Mort

Crissa A. Morton

Matt Mulligan

Lori Oteri

Michele Puopolo

Michael Redfield

Mike Riley

Kareem Sanjaghi

Katie Scott

Kevin Skrickis

Michael Solitro

Megan Terrio

Tomas Tolentino

Christopher Trapp

Tara Vargas Wallace

Matthew York

Muska Yousuf

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